Zoomaworks is a comprehensive software platform for consultants, managers and administrators of travel businesses or any business with a customer and sales focus. It offers you a 360-degree view of your business and its operations. Zoomaworks provides tools to increase business efficiency, enhance client experience,acquire and qualify sales leads and  improve profitability in one complete program.

Zoomaworks includes data based, personalised marketing as well as analysis reports and planning.

Zooma Releases:
New Marketing Platform

Zooma Works’ integrated marketing platform has an extensive library of high quality product flyers, customized for individual travel businesses which can be quickly and easily sent out to your client base. These products are specifically targeted for your clients and are updated each month. Also includes great newsletter and info templates and other marketing innovations to help you grow. When combined with Zooma client profiling and search functions, it enables specifically targeted, data driven campaigns to be emailed at a fraction of the cost of creating your own or using other marketing programs, saving time and money for under resourced small businesses. Zooma Marketing is available for an additional subscription cost and is not part of the free thirty day trial. Please email office@zoomaworks.com to arrange an online demo.

What We Do


Zoomaworks will provide tools to increase small business efficiency & profitability with one complete program. We aim to improve business productivity through workflow transformation. Zooma works, a user-friendly solution, with a 360-degree view of the business. Our goal is to increase the value of our customer’s existing database(asset) and provide a solution that will allow our users the capability to create momentum for new business at a lower cost, reduce risks and create new markets that will attract new customers.

The challenges we face within the Travel industry today are diminishing commissions, suppliers going direct to our customers, with aggressive marketing campaigns and competing with the internet. At the same time, we must deal with operations that are continually challenged with balancing processes and costs, as well as trying to deliver a superior. differentiated customer experience.
Zoomaworks has been developed by a travel agent/ consultant in direct response to the absence of effective workflows that can create efficiencies and solutions to run a travel business. A model we intend to extend to other industries.

Our Team

Beulah Phillips

Beulah Phillips

Founder & Director Sales

 Craig Cuningham

Craig Cuningham

Australia Technical Support

Ned Wallis

Ned Wallis

Director Sales

 Jade Phillips Ross

Jade Phillips Ross

Sales Europe and USA

How Does It Work?

Zoomaworks is a comprehensive software platform for consultants, managers and administrators of travel businesses or any business with a customer and sales focus. It offers you a 360-degree view of your business and its operations. Zoomaworks provides tools to increase business efficiency, enhance client experience and improve profitability in one complete program.


A core feature of Zoomaworks, Zooma CRM offers a streamlined file storage process. This enables your business to organise client data and retrieve key documents – from contracts to performance reports. Through gaining more control over documentation, you can use this information to improve outcomes and increase revenue for your business.


At the heart of Zooma is Customer Relationship Management. As a result, a key function of the software is to help users manage enquiries and leads, by entering minimal client information to create them as leads for later use.


Tasklist offers consultants’ a way to manage their daily workflows – from the initial client’s enquiry to the post-trip ‘welcome back’. Consultants use this feature to create and assign tasks,allowing them to have a clear view of the status of each booking. If a consultant is away or leaves a business, tasks can also be reassigned to ensure daily operations do not come to a standstill.


Zooma compiles and collates all the data required to reach out to your clients through email & SMS marketing. The software has built in functions to handle everything from small groups to bulk marketing campaigns. Library of Specials and EDM Templates


Zooma produces a wide range of reports and analytics which assess performance, yields and many more. The software produces vital statistics to assist you to make informed decisions, helping you to keep your finger on the pulse of the daily and weekly operations of your business.


Zooma accounting produces documentation from enquiries and bookings to invoices, receipts and payments to suppliers. All of this is completed in one easy workflow after which documents can be uploaded to your accounting system.

What Our Clients Say

What is outstanding is the service we have received when it’s come to modifying the off-the-shelf product to adapt to our needs. For us, database management is considerably more sophisticated than compiling a list of names and addresses. The responsiveness of Zooma to our suggestions – adapting the system to our needs overnight on some occasions – has been incredibly impressive.

We have benefited in a way that surpasses all expectations of The Zooma System. We have a workable mailing centre and emailing system now, which is in constant use to target specific points in our area for Marketing. From this we have increased the level of business to our office, even in such trying times.

Zooma has also been used in the sourcing of new Corporate clientele. We have used Zooma for submissions and continuous marketing to prospective corporate clients and this has produced new business for our office over the past two months.

The sales aspect of Zooma has allowed me to see a snapshot of my consultant’s conversion ratios and the amount of business being processed by each individual consultant for each day of the week. The Diary system is very easy to maintain and extra tools such as the “confirmation letters” and “welcome homes” have been invaluable in saving time for our business. I would be more than happy to give anyone any information should they need it, but this is the type of tool that we all wanted.

The functionality provided with Zooma Works allows our business to be effectively ran in both a retail and wholesale capacity.

With Zooma Works’ reporting power, each segment of our business can be closely monitored and with a simple click, we are provided with a snapshot of the business at large.

The ability to load templates has saved the business countless hours by negating doubling up on manual data entry.

(Winner HelloWorld Office of the year 2016)

We Love this! Nothing makes us happy like a graph. I can actually see the whole office – We can now make good business and Marketing decisions. – Love the USER and MANAGER refresh button on my dashboard. Good Work- I think this is great!!!!!

Our search for a fully integrated consulting, marketing and accounting system, with robust customer profiling, led us – after many years of searching – to Zooma. The inherent logic of the system has meant a smooth transition for new and experienced consultants alike, made easier still by Zooma’s exceptional technical support.

Clients have benefitted from cleaner, clearer documentation, and client profiling has allowed us to personalise our marketing efforts tenfold.

CPI compliance and encryption features mean our ongoing relationship with clients is built on mutual trust. On a personal level, it’s been a pleasure working with a small team who’s gone out of their way to understand the needs and ambitions of our business, and to support our needs with tailored functionality wherever possible – all with a strong sense of humour and purpose to go with it!”

Laura Maitland Marketing & Group Travel Manager
Virtuoso & Magellan

All I Can say we have been using Zooma for many many years and we can’t do without it . Alex, Hampton Travel and Cruise

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